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Digital Oscilloscope 60 to 200 MHz 2-Channel

HOS-MS6200 Series

Digital Oscilloscope 60 to 200 MHz 2-Channel | HOS-MS6200 Series

Digital Oscilloscope 60 to 200 MHz 2-Channel

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  • Easy-to-Use Pop-Up Menu with Built-In Multi-Language System
  • 23 Automatic Measurements
  • Waveform Math— Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide
  • Store and Recall Up to 1000 Waveform Screens and Setups Using the Installed 2 GB microSD Card
  • Automatic Cursor Tracking Measurements U XY Mode
  • Built-In FFT Function Converts Time-Domain Signals Into Frequency Components, Measuring Harmonic Content and Distortion in Systems
  • Waveform Recorder Captures/Replays Input Waveforms from Channels 1 and 2 with Maximum Record Length of 1000 Frames
  • Pass-Fail Function Compares a Stored Waveform to Unknown Input
  • Average Mode for Smoothing Waveforms
  • Square Wave Output (2V, 1 kHz) for Probe Adjustment
  • Built-In 6000 Count True RMS Multimeter with Analog Bargraph
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HOS-MS6000 Series oscilloscopes bandwidths range from 60 to 200 MHz, and provide real-time and equivalent sample rates respectively up to 1 and 25 GSa/s. In addition, they have maximum 1 MB memory depth for better observation of the waveform details, and 142 mm (5.6") color TFT LCD as well as Windows-style interfaces and menus for easy operation. One touch automatic setup optimizes the position, range, timebase, and triggering to assure a stable display of virtually any waveform. Additionally, the generous menu information and the easy-to-operate buttons maximize the information available for each measurement. The multifunctional and powerful shortcut keys save time and maximize efficiency, and the autoset (AUTO) function allows the user to detect sine and square waves automatically. The HOS-MS6000 Series oscilloscopes are an ideal tool for engineers and technicians in the performance of complex measurements and troubleshooting during on-site inspection.

    HOS-MS6060: 60 MHz
    HOS-MS6100: 100 MHz
    HOS-MS6200: 200 MHz
Sample Rate per Channel: 500 mS/s
    HOS-MS6060: 5.8 ns
    HOS-MS6100: 3.5 ns
    HOS-MS6200: 1.8 ns
Timebase Range:
    HOS-MS6060 and HOS-MS6100: 4 ns/div to 40 s/div
    HOS-MS6200: 2 ns/div to 40 s/div
Common Specifications
Oscilloscope Functions
Record Length: 1 M points per channel
Display Size: 142 mm (5.6") color LCD; 640 x 480 pixels
Channels: 2
Vertical Sensitivity: 2 mV/div to 5V/div
Vertical Resolution: 8 bits
Glitch Capture: Yes
Sample Mode: Normal, average, peak detect
Trigger Modes: Edge, pulse, alt, video, slope
Trigger Source: CH1, CH2
Trigger Coupling: AC, DC, LF, HF, noise reduction
Input impedance: 1 MΩ/20 pF
Maximum Input Voltage: 300V (peak)
Cursor Measurement: Voltage and time; delta (CH1 to CH2)
True RMS Multimeter Functions
AC Voltage: 60 mV, 600 mV, 6V, 60V, 600V
DC Voltage: 60 mV, 600 mV, 6V, 60V, 600V, 800V
AC/DC Current: 60 mA, 600 mA, 10 A
Resistance: 600 Ω, 6 kΩ, 60 kΩ, 600 kΩ, 6 MΩ, 60 MΩ
Capacitance: 5 nF to 400 µF
Diode and Continuity: Yes
Power Supply: 3 hours li-ion rechargeable battery; AC charger
Dimensions: 245 H x 163 W x 52 mm diameter (9.6 x 6.4 x 2")
Weight: 1.2 kg (2.6 lb)
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60 MHz dual channel digital oscilloscope
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100 MHz dual channel digital oscilloscope
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200 MHz dual channel digital oscilloscope
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Note: Comes complete with two 1X/10X oscilloscope probes, test leads, 7.4V li-Ion battery, universal AC charger, USB cable, carrying case, and operator’s manual.
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