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Mini Laboratory See-Saw (Wave) Rockers

RCK-23 and RCK-24

Mini Laboratory See-Saw (Wave) Rockers | RCK-23 and RCK-24

Mini Laboratory See-Saw (Wave) Rockers

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The RCK-23 and RCK-24 series has been discontinued. Please contact our Flow Engineering department for a viable replacement.

Different from 3D gyration motion, the RCK-23 and RCK-24 use a see-saw motion to create wave-like mixing process. These rockers are suitable for mixing various flat bottles, such as culture flasks, petri dishes etc. With smaller footprint, but the high driving force, more platforms can be added by stacking two more platforms to accommodate more samples. There are two models for this type of the rocker, both are microprocessor controlled. The digital model (RCK-23) provides digital timer with up to 9 hours setting and speed control in 1 RPM increment. The RCK-24 model provides 2 hours timers (in 10 minute integral) and 10 steps speed control without digital display.

Speed Range: 5 to 70 rpm
Rocking Type: See-saw, wave
Platform Dimensions: 235 x 235 mm (9.25 x 9.25")
Tilting Angle:
Angle Adjustable: No, fixed at 7° Timer
    RCK-24: 120 minutes
    RCK-23: Digital, 540 minutes
Speed Control Mode
    RCK-24: 10 integral selection
    RCK-23: Digital, 540 rpm
Maximum Load: 10 kg (22.04 lb)
Dimensions: 240 W x 300 D x 180 H mm (9.4 x 11.8 x 7.0")
Operation Temperature Range: 4 to 40°C (39.2 to 104°F)
Maximum Operation Humidity: 80%
Weight: 6 kg (13 lb)
Power Supply: 230V, 50 Hz, 50 W
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Mini see-saw rocker with digital display, timer and speed control
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