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3-Way Solenoid Valve and 4-Way Solenoid Valves - Selectable Purpose, General Purpose and Air

SV240, SV250, SV260 and SV270 Series

3-Way and 4-Way Solenoid Valves Direct-Acting or Pilot-Operated, Normally Open or Closed, Brass Valve Body | SV240, SV250, SV260 and SV270 Series

PHP31,455.00 SV261

  • General Purpose, Quick Exhaust, and Selectable NO/NC Models
  • Rugged NEMA 4 (IP65) Housing
  • Mounts in Any Position
  • Rated for Continuous Duty
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Mobile Equipment, Gas Sampling, Compressors, Ball Valve Actuators, Cylinders, Dispensing, Laundry Equipment, Machine Tool Equipment

The SV241, SV242, and SV261 Series valves are 3-way, direct acting, and normally closed. The SV241 and SV242 can be used for liquids or gases, while the SV261 offers a quick-exhaust feature and is limited to air use. The most common application for these 3-way valves is the control of single-acting cylinders or spring-return actuators. The pressure inlet port is blocked in the de-energized position.

A 3-way normally closed valve has 3 ports labeled 1, 2, and 3. When de-energized, no flow occurs from port 1, but there is flow from port 2 to 3. When energized, flow occurs from port 1 to 2, but no flow occurs from port 3. Usually, 3-way valves are used to control larger pneumatically activated valves. Port 1 is connected to the pressure source, port 2 is connected to the cylinder controlling the pneumatic activation, and port 3 is the exhaust port vented to the room.

The SV251 is a multipurpose 3-way valve and can be used as normally open or normally closed. During installation, for normally closed select port 1 as supply pressure. Port 2 is connected to the pneumatic cylinder, and port 3 is the exhaust port. To configure as normally open, select port 3 as supply pressure. Port 2 is connected to the pneumatic cylinder, and port 1 is the exhaust port. The SV251 can be used for liquids or gases.

The SV271 is a 4-way, 5-ported solenoid valve, rated for air applications only. It is a 2- position, pilot-operated valve typically used to control doubleacting cylinders or pneumatic actuators. A 4-way valve has ports labeled 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. When de-energized, pressure is supplied to port 1, which is open to cylinder port 4 and closed to cylinder port 2. Port 4 is closed to exhaust port 3. When energized, pressure port 1 is closed to cylinder port 4 and open to cylinder port 2. Cylinder port 2 is closed to exhaust port 3. Cylinder port 4 is open to exhaust port 5.

   SV241, SV242 and SV251: Direct acting
   SV261, SV271: Pilot operated
Wetted Parts: Brass, Stainless steel, copper, and seal
   SV241: Also acetal
   SV271: Aluminum, acetal, stainless steel, copper and seal
Medium: Liquid or gases as specified in "To Order" chart
Max Static Pressure: 5 times max psid
Ambient Temp: -9 to 50°C (15 to 122°F)
Mounting: Pipe mounting, any direction
Power: 10 W, 120 Vac coils, 50 to 60 Hz
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Part Number/Desc.
3-Way Solenoid Valse, General Purpose, Direct Acting, Normally Closed, Brass Body
Availability: 16 weeks
1/4 NPT fitting, 5/64, 1/8" orifices, FKM seal, 150 psid max
Availability: 16 weeks
1/4 NPT fitting, 3/32, 9/64" orifices, FKM seal, 100 psid max
3-Way Solenoid Valve, Selectable Service, Direct Acting, User-Selectable NO or NC, Brass Body
Availability: 1 week
1/4 NPT fitting, 5/64, 9/64" orifices, FKM seal, 100 psid max
3-Way Quick Exhaust, Pilot Operated, Normally Closed, Brass Body, Air Only
Availability: 11 weeks
1/4 NPT fitting, 3/32, 1/4" orifices, Buna-N seal, 100 psid max
4-Way Solenoid Valve, General Purpose, Pilot Operated, Normally Closed, Aluminum Body, Air Only
Availability: 13 weeks
1/8 NPT fitting, 5/32" orifice, Buna-N seal, 150 psid max
Availability: 16 weeks
Replacement coil, 110 Vac
Availability: 1 week
Replacement coil, 220 Vac
Availability: 1 week
Replacement coil, 24 Vdc
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