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Thermocouple Probes with Hastelloy Tips for PFA Extruders

TEX Series

Thermocouple Probes with Hastelloy Tips for PFA Extruders | TEX Series

Thermocouple Probes with Hastelloy Tips for PFA Extruders

PHP12,635.00 TEX-SEFE-E-3/4-6

  • Hastelloy C-276 Tips Withstand High Temperatures and Pressures of PFA Extruders
  • Single or Dual Elements
  • J, K, T, or E Calibrations
  • Rigid or Flexible Connectors
  • Tip “A” Lengths: Flush, 6, 13, 19 or 25 mm (0.25, 0.5, 0.75 or 1.0")
  • Barrel “B” Lengths: 75 or 150 mm (3 or 6")
  • 1/2"-20 NF Barrel Threads
  • 220°C (425°F) Max, Temperature for Connector
  • 510°C (950°F) Max, Service Temperature for Probes only
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The TEX family of probes feature Hastelloy C-276 tips capable of withstanding the high temperatures and pressures of PFA extruders. Probes are available with single and dual element design. Thermocouple calibrations J, K, T and E are supported. Four styles of probes are offered. These include:

  • TEX-SERP Single Element, Rigid Plug
  • TEX-TERP Dual Element, Rigid Plug
  • TEX-SEFE Single Element, Flexible Extension
  • TEX-TEFE Dual Element, Flexible Extension

    A variety of tip lengths and barrel lengths can be specified when ordering. Consult sales for custom barrel configuration.

    View the Thermocouple Accuracy and Color Code charts
  • (Specify Model Number)
    Part Number/Desc.
    Example part numbers are shown below. Please use the "Part Number Builder" beneath this table to specify your exact configuration.
    Availability: 4 weeks
    Single element, flexible extension, J thermocouple calibration, 1 inch tip length(A dimension), 75mm (3 inch) barrel length(B dimension)
    Availability: 1 week
    Dual element, flexible extension, K thermocouple calibration, 1/2 inch tip length(A dimension), 150mm (6 inch) barrel length(B dimension)
    Availability: 4 weeks
    Dual element, rigid probe, E thermocouple calibration, 3/4 inch tip length(A dimension), 75 mm (3 inch) barrel length(B dimension)
    All prices on this site are shown in Philippine Pesos.

    Option Descriptions:

    (1) Probe Style select from:
    SERP for single element rigid plug
    TERP for dual element rigid plug
    SEFE for single element flexible extension
    TEFE for dual element flexible extension

    (2) Thermocouple Calibration select from:
    J for J thermocouple
    K for K thermocouple
    T for T thermocouple
    E for E thermocouple

    (3) Barrel Length(A dimension) select from:
    FLUSH for flush
    1/4 for 1/4 inch
    1/2 for 1/2 inch
    3/4 for 3/4 inch
    1 for 1 inch

    (4) Barrel Length(B dimension) select from:
    3 for 75mm(3 inches)
    6 for 150mm(6 inches)
    Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.
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