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-32 to 530°C, 12:1 Essential Infrared Thermometer


Omega´s Industrial High Performance Infrared Pyrometer Series
 | OS303-Series

SGD137.00 OS-303-121

  • -32 to 530°C (-26 to 986°F) temperature range
  • 12:1 Field of View
  • Fixed emissivity at 0.95
  • 500 ms response time
  • Auto power off feature
  • Single laser sighting for accurate targeting
  • Min/Max/Avg functions
  • Get started with the quick start guide!
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The OS303-Series essential infrared thermometer boasts 12:1 field of view, -32 to 530°C temperature range and ±2% accuracy above 0°C. This essential level device is great for basic non-contact measurement of surfaces that are far away and very high temperatures. This unit has a fixed emissivity at 0.95 perfect for many applications. The small compact size makes this unit easy to carry for all-day usage and fits comfortably in the users hand.

Applications with a 0.95 emissivity include asbestos, asphalt, oil, rubber, concrete, copper, ceramic, paper and many more. The 12:1 field of view, or distance to spot ratio, allows for precise measurement even from a larger distance.

Accuracy Chart
Device Accuracy = ± 2% rdg or 2°C, whichever is greater
Actual Temperature Upper Limit Reading Lower Limit Reading
5°C 7°C 3°C
25°C 27°C 23°C
100°C 102°C 98°C
150°C 153°C 147°C
400°C 408°C 392°C
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-32 to 530°C, 12:1 FOV, Infrared Thermometer
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