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Temperature Products

Model Description
19MJP Series 19 inch Jack Panels Miniature Connectors
1PT100K, 2PT100K, A2102, A2105, A2132, A2142 and H2104 Ceramic Wire Wound Platinum RTD Elements - Class B
21 Series Non-Reversible Temperature Labels
304-(*) and INC-(*) Series OMEGACLAD® MI Cable Metal Sheath Thermocouple Wire with Magnesium Oxide Insulation, MIC with MgO
44000 Series Precision Thermistor Elements
4(*)X, 8(*)X, 12(*)X,16(*)X, 20(*)X and 24(*)X Series Multipair Thermocouple Extension Cable
5LRTC, and 5SRTC Series Ready-Made Insulated Thermocouples with Kapton®, PFA, Glass Braid Insulation and Molded Connectors
5TC SERIES Ready-Made Insulated Thermocouples - Package of 5
6M Series Non-Reversible OMEGALABEL® Temperature Monitors
88000 Series Block Surface Probes Unique Block Surface Thermocouple Probes
88000 Series High Temperature Thermocouple Surface Probes
88000 Series Unique Roundface Surface Probes
88401K, 88402K, 88401E, 88402E, 88401K-RE, 88401E-RE Magnetic Mount Thermocouple Probes
BARE, SH, DH and OV Series Ceramic Beaded and Bare Wire Thermocouple Elements for Head and Well Assemblies
BB703 and BB703-230VAC Infrared Calibrator: Miniature Blackbody Calibration Source, Portable Design
BT Series Bayonet Style Thermocouples with Stainless Steel Cable
CA71 Compact Multifunction Calibrator
CF-000-RTD, BT-000-RTD, CF-090-RTD and BT-090-RTD Extruder RTD Probes, Compression Fitting and Bayonet Styles
CL1000 Series Miniature hot point® Dry Block Calibrator
CL1201 High Temperature Dry Block Calibrator
CL20 Series High Precision Handheld Meter, Calibrator/Thermometer
CL3001 Lab Calibrator
CL310 Multifunction Calibrator
CL3515R Calibrator/Thermometer
CL-355A Portable Dry Block Calibrator
CN100 Series 1/4 DIN Temperature Six Channel Monitor with One Alarm
CN132 Series 1/32 DIN Autotune Temperature/Process Dual Setpoint Controllers
CN3251 1/4 DIN Ramp/Soak Temperature/Process Controllers with Modular Outputs and Communications
CN3271 Series 1/16 DIN High/Low Limit Controller
1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 DIN Temperature/Process Controllers with Fuzzy Logic
CN606 & CN612 Series 1/4 DIN Temperature 6 or 12 Channel Monitor with One Alarm and Communications Standard
New DC Power Option now available!
CN616 Series 1/4 DIN 6-Zone Temperature Controllers with RS-232 Communications and Free Configuration Software
CN700 Series Limit Controller with Audible Buzzer
CN740 Series 1/16 DIN Temperature Controllers
CN7500 Series 1/32 DIN Ramp/Soak Controllers
CN7800 Series 1/16 DIN Ramp/Soak Controllers
CN78000 Series 1/16 DIN Temperature/Process Controllers
CN79000 Series 1/32 DIN Dual-Zone Controllers
CN9000A Series 1/16 DIN Autotune PID/On-Off Controllers with Modular Output Options
CNi16 Series i-Series 1/16 DIN Programmable Temperature/Process Controllers with RS-232 & RS-485 Communications.
CNi32 Series i-Series 1/32 DIN Programmable Temperature/Process Controllers with RS-232 & RS-485 Communications.
CNi8 Series i-Series 1/8 DIN Programmable Temperature/Process Controllers with RS-232 & RS-485 Communications
CNI8C and CNIS8C 1/8 DIN Ultra Compact Case Temperature, Process and Strain PID Controllers
CNI8DH and CNI8DV 1/8 DIN Dual Display Temperature, Process and Strain PID Controllers
CO SERIES Cement-On Surface Thermocouples
CSC32 Compact CN9500 Controller in Rugged Benchtop Case
CSi32 Series Miniature Benchtop Controllers
CT5100 Series 1 or 2 Channel, 10" Circular Chart Recorders
CT7000 Single and Dual Pen Circular Recorder with Digital Display
CT87 Series 6 inch, (152mm) Circular Temperature Chart Recorders with "J" Thermocouple Input
CTH89 Series 6 inch Circular Chart Recorder, Temperature, Humidity, Dewpoint, AC Power with 48 Hr. Back-Up
CTXL Series Portable/Wireless Universal Circular Chart SUPERECORDER™
5 Models Now Available
DP1001AM 1/4 DIN 10-Channel Automatic Temperature Scanner
DP24-E 1/8 DIN Economical Process Meter
DP25B-E and DP25B-S Strain and Process Meter with Large, Selectable Color Display
DP25B-TC and DP25B-RTD 1/8 DIN Thermocouple and RTD Panel Meter with Large, Selectable Color Display
DP41-B 1/8 DIN Ultra High Performance Meter
DP460-T 1/8 DIN Economical Temperature Meter
DP7000 Series Temperature Meter with Alarm or On/Off Control and with Audible Buzzer
DPC10 Series Mini Counters
DPF10 Series Batch Controller
DPF60 Series Analog Input Ratemeter/Totalizer
DPF701 & DPF702 1/8 DIN Six Digit Rate Meter/Totalizer, 0.5Hz to 30kHz
DPF80 Dual Ratemeter/Totalizer
DPI Series - Models DPi32, DPi16, DPi8 i-Series 1/32, 1/16, 1/8 DIN Programmable Temperature/Process Meters with RS232 & RS485 Communications
DRF Series DIN Rail Mount Configurable Signal Conditioners
DRG-SC Series DIN Rail Mount Signal Conditioners
iDRN/iDRX Series Programmable Signal Conditioners/Transmitters
DRTB Series Thermocouple Terminal Blocks Thermocouple Terminal Blocks with Audit Capable Female Connector
DTC-(*) 4-Prong Dual Circuit Standard Connectors
EWS Series Environmental Wall Mount Sensors
EXGG-J, EXTT-J, EXPP-J and EXFF-J J Type Thermocouple Extension Wire
EXGG-K, EXTT-K, EXPP-K and EXFF-K K Type Thermocouple Extension Wire
EXGG-RS, EXTT-RS, EXPP-RS and EXFF-RS R and S Type Thermocouple Extension Wire
EXPP-K-(*)-TWSH-UL Twisted Shielded UL Listed Extension Grade Thermocouple Wire
EXTT-T, EXPP-T and EXFF-T T Type Thermocouple Extension Wire
"F" Series RTD Elements RTD Elements: OMEGAFILM® Flat Profile Thin Film Platinum with Ceramic Base and Glass Coating
F3105, W2100, W2200, F3100, WS81 Thin Film RTD Elements
TT, KK, TG, GG Fine Wires Fine Wire Duplex Insulated Thermocouple Wire
GG-T, TG-T, TT-T FF-T, PR-T Series Thermocouple Wire - T Type, Duplex Insulated
G(*)MQSS Series Low Noise Thermocouple Probes with Miniature Connectors Model numbers
G(*)QIN and G(*)QSS Thermocouple Probes With Low Noise Standard Size Connectors
HFS Series Thin Film Heat Flux Sensor
HG(*)MQIN and HG(*)MQSS Series Low Noise Thermocouple Probes with High Temperature Miniature Connectors
HG(*)QIN and HG(*)QSS Series Thermocouple Probes with Low Noise High Temperature Standard Size Connectors, Model numbers HGJQIN, HGKQIN, HGTQIN,HGEQIN, HGJQSS, HGKQSS, HGTQSS, HGEQSS
HGMP Series High Temperature Low Noise Miniature Connectors
HGST Series Very High Performance, Low Noise, High Temperature Standard Size Connectors
HH-20A Series High Accuracy Digital Thermometers
HH11B, HH12B Digital Thermometer, Single- or Dual-Input
HH147U Four-Channel Handheld Data Logger Thermometer with USB Interface
HH306A Datalogger Thermometer with USB and RS232
HH309A Four-Channel Data Logger with USB and RS232
HH314A Handheld Temperature Humidity Meter with USB and RS232
HH500 Series Handheld Digital Thermometers
HH506A and HH506RA Dual Input, High Accuracy Datalogger/Thermometer
HH806 Wireless High Accuracy Data Logger/Thermometers
HHM250 True RMS Clamp Meter
HHM290 Next Generation SUPERMETER® with Laser Sighting
HHM8229 5-in-1 Autorange Digital Multimeter
HHT13 Contact/Non-Contact Pocket Laser Tachometer
Ceramic and Three-Pin Connector Accesories Standard Size Connector Accessories For Ultra-High Temperature Connectors
H(*)MQIN and H(*)MQSS Series Quick Disconnect Thermocouple Probe Assemblies with High Temperature Miniature Connectors
H(*)MT Series HIGH Temperature Molded Transition Junction Style Thermocouple Probes (0.010" to 0.125" Diameter)
H(*)QIN and H(*)QSS Series Quick Disconnect Thermocouples with High Temperature Standard Size Molded Connector - Model Numbers HJQIN, HKQIN, HTQIN, HEQIN, HJQSS, HKQSS, HTQSS, HEQSS
HMPW-(*) and HFMPW-(*) High Temperature Miniature Connectors- Male Connector Features Zinc Ferrite Core for EMI/RFI Suppression
HPC Series Contacts Economical Design Thermocouple Contacts, Push-in Crimp-style
HSRTD Series Flexible Hermetic Sealed PFA RTD Sensor Probe
HSTC Series Hermetically Sealed Tip Insulated Thermocouples
HSTW-(*)-F-FT and HFSTW-(*)-M Female and Male High Temperature Standard Connectors With Zinc Ferrite Core for EMI/RFI Suppression
HX15 Series High Temperature Relative Humidity/Temperature Transmitter, with Remote Probe
HX80 Series Environmental/Process Air Transmitters
HX92A Series Relative Humidity Transmitter Wall, Duct Mount and Remote Probe Models
HX93A/HX93DA Series Relative Humidity/Temperature Transmitters
HYPO-(*) Series, HYP0, HYP1, HYP2, HYP3, HYP4 Hypodermic and Mini Hypodermic Probes
iBTX and iBTHX Series iServer MicroServer™ Barometric Pressure, Temperature, and Humidity Transmitters
(**)IN and (**)SS Quick Disconnect Thermocouples with Removable Standard Size Connectors – (**) Indicates Thermocouple Type
(*)XL or SS Series and (*)IN Dual Element Dual Element Thermocouple Assemblies with Standard Size Dual TC Connector
(*)SS Series PFA Coated PFA Coated Thermocouple Probes with Standard Connectors
iLD Series iLD Series BIG Display Meters & Controllers
iR2P and iR2C IR2 SUPERMETER® Ultra High Performance 2-Color Ratio Fiber Optic Infrared Temperature Measurement and Control System
IRCO, CHAL, CHCO, P13R, P10R, P30R BW Series Butt-Welded Unsheathed Fine Gage Microtemp Thermocouples
IRCO, CHAL, P13R AND P10R Unsheathed Fine Gage Microtemp Thermocouples, J, K, T, E, R &S
iSD-TC Web-based temperature monitoring
iSD-TH Series Environmental Surveillance Over the Internet
(*)HIN & (*)HSS Series Utility Thermocouple Handle Probes
(*)MQSS Series -JMQSS, KMQSS, EMQSS, TMQSS,NMQIN Quick Disconnect Thermocouples with Miniature Connectors
(*)MTSS Series in Poupular Sizes Transition Junction Style Thermocouple Probes (0.010" to 0.125" Diameter) with High Temp Molded Construction
JP-(*)-F Panel Jacks for Standard Size Connectors
(*)QIN and (*)QSS Series Quick Disconnect Thermocouples with Standard Size Molded Connector
(*)TSS and (*)TIN Series Thermocouple Assemblies (1/16" to 1/4" Diameter) with Molded Transition Junctions
(*)TSS-HH Series General Purpose Thermocouple Probes With Miniature Plug Connector
KMQXL and NMQXL Super OMEGACLAD® Thermocouple Probes - Quick Disconnect Probes with Miniature Size Connectors
LCS Series Reversible Liquid Crystal Polyester Film/Plastic Sheets
M12C Series Extension Cables DC Cable Assemblies for Probes, Sensors and Transmitters
M12CFM RTD Series M12 Cables with Field Mountable Connectors for Resistance Sensors (RTDs)
M8C and M12C Series Molded M8 and M12 Thermocouple Extension Cable
M8/M12 Series Field Mountable M8 and M12 Connectors
MDS, DS, MDSS, DSS Series Single or Ten-Channel Benchtop Indicators with Optional Outputs and Communications
MDSi8 and MDSSi8 Series Benchtop Digital iSeries Thermometers Single- and Ten-Channel Models
MJP Jack Panels With Color-Coded Miniature Connectors
MPJ-(*)-F Miniature Panel Jacks
MSS Series Snap Strips for Mounting Miniature MPJ Panel Jacks
MTC Series Pin and Socket Contacts Thermocouple Contacts For MTC Connectors
Precision CNC Machined
MTP Series 3-Prong Mini flat pin Connector for Thermocouple, RTD and 3-Wire Thermistor
NB-SS Series, NB-IN Series Thermocouple Probes with Industrial Protection Heads
NHXH and NHX Series Ultra High Temperature Heavy Duty Standard Size Connectors
NMP Miniature Connectors
NOX and UOX Series Ultra High Temperature Standard Size Thermocouple Connectors, With and Without Glaze That Can Contaminate High Vacuum
OGP-(*) Extra Heavy Duty Standard Size Connectors with Solid Pins
OM-62 Portable Low-Cost Temperature Relative Humidity Data Logger
OM-CP-OCTTEMP-A and OM-CP-OCTTEMP2000 8 Channel Thermocouple Data Loggers
OM-CP-PRTEMP1000 Pressure and Temperature Data Logger – - Part of the NOMAD® Family
OM-CP-QUADTEMP-A and OM-CP-QUADTEMP2000 4 Channel Thermocouple Data Logger, Part of the NOMAD® Family
OM-CP-TC101A Ambient Temperature and Thermocouple Data Logger, Part of the NOMAD Family
OM-DAQPRO-5300 Portable Handheld Data Logger
OM-EL-USB Series Portable Data loggers with USB Interface
OM-EL-USB-2-LCD and OM-EL-USB-2-LCD-PLUS Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point Data Logger with LCD Display
OM-EL-USB-TC Thermocouple Data Logger with USB Interface
OM-EL-USB-TC-LCD Thermocouple Data Logger with LCD Display and USB Interface
ORX, ORA, ORM, TRX, TRA, TRM, FRX,FRA, and FRM Series Ceramic Thermocouple Insulators
OS101E Series Infrared Temperature Sensor/Transmitters
OS136 Series Miniature Low-Cost Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensor/Transmitter
OS137 Series Compact Non-Contact Infrared Temperature Sensor/Transmitter
OS35RS Series Smart-Micro IR T/C Adding Smart Linearization to the Smallest IR Temperature Sensors in the World!
OS36 Series Infrared Thermocouples
OS36-01 Series Fixed Mount Infrared Thermocouples with ABS Plastic Housing
OS36SM Series Sub-Miniature Infrared Thermocouples
OS4000 Series High Speed Industrial Fiber Optic Infrared Transmitter
OS425-LS Professional Infrared Thermometer with 50:1 Field of View and Magnetic Mount
OS523E and OS524E Series High-Temperature Handheld Infrared Thermometer
with Optional Sighting Scope and Distance Measurement
OS550A Series NEW! Industrial Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer/Transmitter with Local Display, Dual Alarm and Analog Output
OSTW-CC Series Thermocouple Connector Standard Size Round 2 Pin includes Integral Cable Clamp Cap
OSTW-SC, OSTW-CC, GST-SC, DX, XBRLK, SSRT, PCLM,SFCL, RSACL, SACL, SRB, SRBS Accessories: Standard Size Round Pin Thermocouple Connector, Wire Cable Clamps, Strain Relief, Grommets, Brass Crimp
OSTW-(*), HST-(*) and HSTW-(*) Standard Size Thermocouple Connector Most Popular Round Pin TC Connector
OSW, SW142, SW143 and SW144 Series Rotary Selector Switches
OTP Series 3-Prong Standard Size round pin Connector for Thermocouple, RTD and 3-Wire Thermistor
PCC-OST-(*) and PCC-SMP-(*) Circuit Board Thermocouple Connectors, Standard and Miniature Size
PR-10 General Purpose RTD (PT100) Probes with No Transition Junction Between Leads and Sheath
PR-11 General Purpose RTD (PT100) Probe with Metal Strain Relief
PR-12 Industrial RTD (PT100) Probes with Cast Iron Protection Head
PR-13 Quick Disconnect RTD (PT100) Probes with Standard Size Connector
PR-17 PT100 RTD Probe with Quick Disconnect Miniature Connector
PR-20 Series Short RTD Probe
PRTF-10 Series General Purpose RTD Sensor Probe with PFA Insulated and Jacketed Cables
PRTF-17 Series Platinum RTD Probes with 100 Ohm Thin Film RTD Element and 3 Prong Miniature Connector
Power Supplies Power Supplies
PST Series Thermocouple Wire Stripper for OMEGACLAD® Wire
Sensor Wire Sensor and Transducer Wire and Multi-Conductor Cable
SICSS, SCASS, SCAXL, SNNXL, SCXSS, SCPSS Quick Disconnect Thermocouples with Removable Miniature Connectors
RAT, SAT, and BAT Series High Temperature Thermocouple Assemblies Platinum Thermocouples and Ceramic Protection Tubes
RD8250 Series Paperless Recorder
RD8800 Series Paperless Recorder/Data Acquisition System
RDXL-SD Series Portable Thermometer/Data Loggers with SD Card and Thermocouple Input
RDXL120 Series Compact Portable Data Logger
RDXL8 8 Input Portable Thermometer/Data Logger with SD card
RH511 Handheld Temperature/Relative Humidity/Infrared/Thermocouple Meter with Wireless Temperature/RH Probe option
RH80 Series Precision Fast Response Thermo-Hygrometers for Temperature, Humidity, and Dewpoint
RH87 Multifunctional Environmental Meter
RHCL-2 Portable Relative Humidity/Temperature Calibrator
Handheld Thermometer/ RHXL3SD Handheld Thermometer/Hygrometer Data Logger
RLC-50 Series Reversible Temperature Labels, Multi Temp Liquid Crystal Strips
RMJ-(*)-F and RSJ-(*)-F Round Hole Panel Jacks, Standard and Miniature Size
RSC and RSCM Series Retractable Sensor Cables for Thermocouples, RTDs and Thermistors
RTD-(*)-F3105 RTD Elements with 36 Inch Lead Wire form 2, 3 or 4 Wire RTD Sensor Probe
RTD-2 (Class B) 5-Pack Series RTD PT100 Sensor Probe with Lead Wires (5-Pack)
RTD-805 and RTD-806 Air Temperature RTD Sensors
RTD-830 Bolt-On or Cement-On Surface RTD Sensor
RTD-850 RTD Sensor with Miniature Threaded Housing
SA1 SERIES Surface Thermocouple with Self-Adhesive Backing - Package of 5
SA1-RTD Series Surface-Mount RTD Advanced-Design: Stick-On or Cement-On
Class A Accuracy
SA1-RTD-B Series Easy-To-Use Surface RTD 3-Pack
SA1-TH-44000 Series Thermistor Sensor Surface-Mount Stick-On or Cement-On
SA1XL Series 5-Pack Surface Thermocouple High or Low Temperatures! Self-Adhesive or Cement-On! Super Fast Response All the Time!
SA2 Series Self-Adhesive Thermocouples Molded Silicone Design
SA2C and SA2F Series Flexible Molded RTD Surface Sensors
SERIES 260H Heavy Duty Threaded Thermowell for 1/4 Inch Diameter Elements
SERIES 260L Standard Threaded Thermowell for 1/4 Inch Diameter Elements
SERIES 260S Standard Threaded Thermowell for 1/4 Inch Diameter Elements
SERIES 385A and 260A General Purpose Test Wells and Limited Space Wells
SERIES 385S Standard Threaded Thermowell for 3/8 Inch Diameter Elements
SH, DH, OV, FS, FBGS, TF Series Ceramic Beads, PFA and Fiberglass Sleeving (Single Hole, Double Hole, Oval, and Fish Spline Beads)
SHX-(*) and USHX Ultra High Temperature Miniature Connectors, Including Series for High Vacuum Applications
S(*)SS Series Dual Element Dual Element Thermocouple Assemblies with Miniature Size Connector
SICSS, SCASS, SCXSS, and SCPSS Series Themocouples with SHX Connector High Temperature Thermocouple Probe with Quick Disconnect SHX Ceramic Connector
SJP Jack Panels With Color-Coded Standard Connectors
SLE Wire Thermocouple Wire Special Limits of Error
SM Series Crimp-Style Sub-D Type Connectors and Contacts
SMP-SC, SMPW-CC, SWCL, MSRT, PCLM, SMACL, RMACL, MACL, RB-SMP, MRB,MRBS and BB-SMP Accessories: for Miniature Size Flat Pin Thermocouple Connectors, Wire Cable Clamps, Strain Relief, Grommets, Brass Crimps
SMPW-CC Series Thermocouple Connector Miniature Size Flat 2 Pin includes Integral Cable Clamp Cap
SMPW and HMPW Miniature Thermocouple Connectors Flat Pin with Write-on Window
Standard and Extended Temperature Range
SPIR, SPCH,SPCI,SPAL,SPCP,SPOP,SPCC and SPON Fine Diameter Thermocouple Wire
SPJ-(*)-F Snap-In Panel Jacks for Standard Size Connectors
SPPL, SP13RH, SP10RH, SP6RH, SP30RH Uninsulated, Fine Gage, Platinum-Rhodium Thermocouple Wire, Single Leg and Matched Pairs
SPRTX and STCTX Series Universal Temperature Connector-Transmitter™ for RTD’s and Thermocouples
XL-[*]-MO High Temperature Mineral Insulated Cable SUPER OMEGACLAD®XL
TA3 and TA4 Miniature Connectors for RTD's and Thermistors Series "T"
TAS-(*),CH62,CH63 and CH64 Series Transition Adaptors, Round Terminal Blocks and Accessory Hardware
TC-(*)-NPT-G-36-DUAL and RTD-(*)-36-DUAL Series Dual Thermocouple or RTD Pipe Plug Probe with NPT Fitting
TC-(*)-NPT Series Rugged Pipe Plug Thermocouple Probe with 1/4 or 1/8NPT Fitting
TC-PVC and 5TC-PVC Series Epoxy Coated Tip Thermocouple
TEC(*), REC(*) and GEC(*) Series Thermocouple Extension Cables with Molded Connectors
TFIR,TFCH,TFCI,TFCC,TFCP,TFCY and TFAL Fine Gage, Single Strand, Insulated Thermocouple Wire
TH-10-44000 Series Thermistor Probe With PFA Insulated Cable General Purpose Thermistor Probes Stainless Steel Sheath
TH-44000 Series Fast Response Thermistor Sensors
TJ36-CC Series Rugged High Temp Transition Joint Thermocouple Probe - Braided Fiberglass-Insulated Lead Wire
TJ36 Series Rugged Heavy Duty Transition Joint Thermocouple Probes
TJ36 Series - Fine Diameters Fine Diameter (0.01 in. - 0.04 in.) Rugged Thermocouple Transition Joint Probes
TJ36-SB Series Rugged Thermocouple Transition Joint Probe with Stainless Steel Braid over PFA Lead Wire and Miniature Male Connector/Cable Clamp
TJ36-XCIB Series High Temperature Lead Wire (Inconel® 600 Braid over Nextel® Ceramic-Insulation) Rugged Thermocouple Transition Joint Probe
TJ36CAXL and TJ36NNXL Super OMEGACLAD® XL Heavy Duty Transition Junction Thermocouple Probes - Super Accurate, Super Stable
TJC36 Compact Series Thermocouple Probes Where Space is Limited - CompactTransition Joint
TL-10 Non-Reversible Temperature Labels, 10 Temperature Ranges
TL-E Series Non-Reversible Labels, Eight Dot
TL-S Series Non-Reversible Labels, Single Dot
BSJ, SL and TL Series Barrier Strips, Thermocouple Spade Lugs and Terminal Lugs
TT-(*)-TWSH, FF-(*)-TWSH, EXPP-(*)-TWSH and EXFF-(*)-TWSH Twisted/Shielded Thermocouple Wire and Extension Wire
TX12 RTD In-Head Temperature Transmitter
TX91A and TX92A Miniature Low-Cost Temperature Transmitters
TX93A and TX94A Ultra-Miniature Thermocouple or RTD Temperature Transmitters
TXDIN1600 Series Universal DIN Rail Transmitter
TXDIN70 Dual DIN Rail Temperature Transmitter
UPJ Series Universal Snap-In Panel Jacks Fits All Miniature and Standard Size TC Connectors
UST-(*)-F and USTW-(*)-F Universal Female Thermocouple Connector Round or Flat Pin Compatible
WT SERIES Bolt-On Washer Thermocouple Assemblies
WT-(*)-HD Heavy Duty Bolt-On Washer Thermocouple Assemblies
WW26, W5W26, W3W25 Fine Gage Diameter Tungsten-Rhenium Thermocouples
XC SERIES High Temperature Nextel Insulated Thermocouple Elements
GG-E, XC-E, XT-E, XL-E, XS-E, HH-E, TG-E, TT-E FF-E Series Thermocouple Wire - E Type, Duplex Insulated
GG-J, HH-J, TG-J, TT-J FF-J, PR-J, XC-J, XT-J,XL-J, XS-J Series Thermocouple Wire - J Type, Duplex Insulated
GG-K, XC-K, XT-K, XL-K, XS-K, HH-K, TG-K, TT-K FF-K, PR-K Series Thermocouple Wire - K Type, Duplex Insulated
XC-(*), XR-(*), XS-(*), XT-(*), XC4-(*) and XL-(*) High Temperature Thermocouple Wire with Nextel or Silica Yarn Fiber Insulation
XCIB SERIES High Temperature Inconel Overbraided Ceramic Fiber Insulated Thermocouples
XTA, XMO, XPA, XIN Series Very High Temperature Exotic Thermocouple Probes