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Flintec CC1 Compression Load Cell with Hermetic Sealing


Flintec CC1 Compression Load Cell with Hermetic Sealing
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Flintec CC1 Compression Load Cell with Hermetic Sealing

THB26,294.57 2X-820890

  • All stainless steel construction
  • IP 68 environmental protection rating
  • Complete hermetic sealing
  • Traceable NIST calibration
  • UL certification for use in the oil and gas industry
  • Used for pump monitoring system applications
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This item is being discontinued.

The CC1 family of compression load cells are primarily designed for use as polished rod (pump off control) sensors in oil and gas pumping applications. Full stainless steel construction and hermetically sealed, the CC1 can withstand the harsh environments associated with pumping systems ensuring long term stability and fault free operation. ATEX certification is available.

Fit for Purpose:

The CC1 load cell has been pupose built for use in polished rod pumping within the oil and gas industry.Pump control systems must monitor changes in oil flow and adjust operation accordingly. This improves efficiency and avoids wear and tear. Once fitted, the CC1 provides real-time data on the stroking force, allowing the control system to maintain optimum performance. Built from the very best materials using the finest precision tools, you can be assured that the CC1 is the best in it class.
Seamless Integration:

It was important to create a versatile product, one which could easily integrate into any setup. The CC1 is designed to be compatible with most pump control system on the market and is interchangeable with many of our competitor's devices. When the time comes, it is easy to upgrade from your old load cell to our CC1 product line.
Quality by Design:

Exceptional engineering and craftsmanship are hallmarks of Flintec. As an industry leader in load cell and force sensor design, our expertise has led to an impressive portfolio of high pedigree devices servicing a wide array of industries. The CC1 product line is no exception. Robust and accurate, delivering unrivalled performance in the even most hostile environments.

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Part Number/Desc.
Availability: 1 week
Compression Load Cell 50,000 lbs
Availability: 1 week
Compression Load Cell 30,000 lbs
Cable Assemblies
Availability: 1 week
55' CC1 Cable Assembly
Availability: 1 week
65' CC1 Cable Assembly
Availability: 1 week
75' CC1 Cable Assembly
Availability: 1 week
100' CC1 Cable Assembly
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Spherical Washer Set - Stainless
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Load Plate/Spacer 3.50"Ø
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