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High Viscosity Drum Pumps  - Discontinued

FPUD500 Series

High Viscosity Drum Pumps | FPUD500 Series

High Viscosity Drum Pumps

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  • Pump Tube and Motor Supplied Separately for Maximum Flexibility
  • 316SS or Sanitary Polished 316SS Pump Tubes Available
  • TEFC or Air Driven Motors
  • For Fluids up to 15,000 cps Viscosity and 1.8 Specific Gravity
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OMEGA ® FPUD500 Series high viscosity drum pumps can empty a wide variety of containers in various applications. The pump tube and motor are constructed modularly and supplied separately for maximum flexibility. Motor types available are 115 or 230 Vac, continuous duty, totally-enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC); and air driven. All motors listed as 115 Vac can be rewired for 230 Vac operation; all motors listed for 230 Vac can be rewired for 208 or 460 Vac operation. The Hz rating and number of phases CANNOT be changed in the field. All Vac powered units include a 12-ft, three-wire cord and built-in ON/OFF switch. The FPUD531 air motor has a 1 /4 " female end fitting,while the FPUD532 and FPUD533 air motors have a 1 /2 " female end fitting for hooking up to a customer-supplied air hose, and includes a regulator valve and muffler. An optional air lubricator/filter assembly is also available if your air source is not filtered and lubricated. When pumping flammable or combustible materials, or working in explosive environments, use an air motor with a stainless steel tube and FPUD5-SK static protection kit. FPUD5 Series pump tubes are rated up to 93.3°C (200°F), 15,000 cps viscosity and 1.8 specific gravity. Refer to the performance curve graph for flowrate vs. discharge head data. See pages L-63 through L-92 in this Section for tubing. All pump tubes have graphite-PTFE seals with PTFE internals. Outlet connections are 1 1 /2 " I.D. hose.


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Note: Comes complete with operator's manual.

AC powered pumps also include power cord.

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