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M8C Extension Cables | M8C

M8C Extension Cables

TWD379 M8C-SIL-3-S-F-1.5

  • Extension Cables for Use with M8 Style RTD Sensors, 2-Red and 1 White Wire Per Wiring Diagram
  • 3-Wire Socket Style Connector With Straight or Right-Angled Backshells
  • M8 Socket Connector One End, Stripped Leads on the Other
  • Cable is #24AWG Stranded Copper Conductors with Silicone Rubber Insulation and Over Jacket
  • Connector Backshell is Nickel Plated Brass
  • Connector Sockets are Gold Plated Brass
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These M8 extension cables are a great fit with Omega's M8 style RTD sensors. The standard socket style 3-position connector connects with the plug style connector supplied on Omega's M8 style RTD sensors. The flying leads on the other end of the cable can be connected directly to a barrier strip style connection point, or use one of our various connector to conect to your instrument.

Some Specific Connector Options include:
  • Field Mountable M8 connectors
  • MTP Style 3-Pin Connectors
  • OTP Style 3-Pin Connectors
  • TA3 and TA4 Style Audio Connectors

  • Omega's M8 RTD sensor extension cables are wired to match the wiring used in our PR-23 Molded M8 RTD Sensors. The color code (see wiring diagram) is as specified in the International Standard IEC 60751.

    (Specify Model Number)

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    Part Number/Desc.
    Stright Connector
    Quick Ship
    Availability: 1 week
    1.5m (4.9') length cable, 3-pin M8 female (straight connector)
    Quick Ship
    Availability: 7 weeks
    3 (9.8') length cable, 3-pin M8 female (straight connector)
    Quick Ship
    Availability: 7 weeks
    5m (16.4') length cable, 3-pin M8 female (straight connector)
    Right-Angled Connector
    Quick Ship
    Availability: 7 weeks
    1.5m (4.9') length cable, 3-pin M8 female (right-angled connector)
    Quick Ship
    Availability: 1 week
    3 (9.8') length cable, 3-pin M8 female (right-angled) connector)
    Quick Ship
    Availability: 1 week
    5m (16.4') length cable, 3-pin M8 female (right-angled connector)
    All prices on this site are shown in Taiwan Dollars.
    Ordering Example: (1) M8C-SIL-3-S-F-3 Silicone insulated extension cable, 3 m (9.8') L, straight female M8 connector one end, 2-red and 1-white flying leads on the other, TWD475

    Option Descriptions:

    (1) Cable Insulation select from:
    SIL for Silicone Rubber

    (2) Number of Wires select from:
    3 for 3 Wire Standard

    (3) Connector Backshell select from:
    S for Straight
    R for Right Angled

    (4) Connector Style select from:
    F for Recepticle (Sockets)

    (5) Length select from:
    1.5 for 1.5 meters
    3 for 3 meters
    5 for 5 meters
    Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.