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Terminal Covers, Clamping Bands and Insulators

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Terminal Covers, Clamping Bands and Insulators | STRIP Heater Accessories

Terminal Covers, Clamping Bands and Insulators

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Secondary Insulation Bushing: All types except NS. Must be used when strips are mounted for air heating only or when connected in series on line voltages above 480V. Note: To accommodate bushings, a 17 /32 " x 11 /16 " dia. mounting hole in tabs should be specified for heaters. To order secondary insulation bushings, use model no. PCN255716.

Strip Element Clamps: Cast-iron clamps for use with OMEGALUX ® strip elements, retain their strength at elevated temperatures to assure maximum sheath-to-surface contact. Resulting uniform efficient heat transfer from internal resistance wire to the heated material avoids hot spots on the element, contributing to long service life.

Type SC Clamping Bands: A permanently tight fit on cylinders, nozzles, pipes and other round surfaces is provided by the Type SC stainless steel band with alloy screw. For small pipe diameters, strip elements should have cross-section curving (contact OMEGALUX). For most satisfactory results, bands should be spaced about 5 inches apart and should be drawn up tight to assure good contact between heater or thermostat bulb and surface. Installation: Fasten studs to the work surface by welding, brazing or threading. Use correct size stud to fit clamp. (See sketches to left). For temperatures over 750°F, stainless steel studs are recommended. When tightening nuts, torsion should not exceed 10 foot pounds maximum. Heaters must be allowed to expand. One clamp should hold heater. Nuts on other clamp should be backed off approx. 1 /2 turn to allow heaters to expand.
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Part Number/Desc.
Terminal Covers and Insulator
Availability: 8 weeks
Secondary insulation bushing
Availability: 7 weeks
Ceramic post terminal insulators
Availability: 5 weeks
Terminal cover for OT series strip heaters
Availability: 5 weeks
Terminal cover for PT series strip heaters
Availability: 1 week
Terminal cover for SE series strip heaters
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