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Big Flexible Display

G3 BFD Series

Big Flexible Display | G3 BFD Series

Big Flexible Display

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  • Large 977.9 x 482.6 mm (19 x 38.5") Red Led Display with 0.2" Diameter Pixels; 128 x 64 Dot Resolution
  • Displays The Information from Any G3 To The Plant Floor
  • Connects Directly To The RS485 Port of a G3
  • Field Replaceable Display Boards
  • Replaceable Fan Filter
  • Flexible 4 Eyebolt Mounting
  • Universal AC Power (100 to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz)
  • Optional NEMA 4 Cooling Kit Available
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The BFD is a large 977.9 x 482.6 mm (38.5 x 19") LED display (128 x 64 pixel resolution) which is driven from the RS485 port of a G3. The BFD is built using 32 display boards in an 8 column by 4 row configuration. When used with a G303, the BFD will display the contents of the current G3 page. When used with larger G3s, the desired information is selected by using a "display primitive" on the current G3 page. Multiple BFDs can be driven from a single G3 (see Using Multiple BFDs with a single G3). The exact number is dependent upon the lengths of the individual wiring runs.

The display is housed in a welded steel enclosure and the display window (0.118" thick red acrylic) is sealed to the enclosure using a gasket and bezel strips. The gasketed rear panel is bolted to the enclosure. The ventilation slots and internal fan are designed to provide adequate cooling in a normal industrial environment. The enclosure is designed to hang from an overhead support. The BFD enclosure can be easily converted for indoor NEMA 4 operation using the optional BFD NEMA 4 conversion kit. The kit includes a sealed cover plate (to plug the vent hole), an external "cabinet cooler" (to replace the internal fan) and a DIN-rail mounted power supply to operate the "cabinet cooler".

Power to the BFD is provided by a universal AC input power supply. The AC power and the G3 RS485 cable enter the enclosure through separate conduit fittings. AC power connects to the power supply via a removable 3 position terminal block. The RS485 signal connects to the communication board via either an RJ45 modular plug or a removable 2 position terminal block.
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Big flexible display
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Big flexible display NEMA 4 option
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10' RS485 cable for communications between G3 and G3BFD
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Crimson programming software, manual and USB cable
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Note: Comes with mounting kit and operator’s manual.
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