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Battery Powered Power Supply for Loop Testing

PSB24 Series

Battery powered, Power Supply, Loop Supply, Test Power Supply | PSB24 Series

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  • 2 Models --- 9V dc powered, small and light weight
    4 AA battery powered for long life testing
  • Ideally Suited for Use with Microprocessor Systems, and Test Equipment
  • Efficient Switching Regulator Allows Nearly 100% of Available Battery Power
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PSB24-1 and PSB24-4 are designed for easy portability for field testing. The PSB24-1 is small lightweight (powered by one 9V battery). The PSB24-4 is slightly larger and powered by (4 “AA” batteries). It provides longer usage (1 month normal use). Perfect for longer duration testing and set-up applications.

Input Voltage:
    PSB24-1: (1) 9V battery (included)
    PSB24-4: (4) AA batteries (included)
    PSB24-1: 96.5 H x 60.96 W x 22.86 mm dia (3.8 x 2.4 x 0.9")
    PSB24-4: 147 H x 91.4 W x 33.02 mm dia (5.8 x 3.6 x 1.3")
Loop Power Supply: 24 Vdc/25 mA maximum
    PSB24-1: 113 g (4 oz)
    PSB24-4: 204 g (7.2 oz)
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Loop power supply 9V Battery
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Loop power supply 4 AA Batteries (Long Life Model)
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Note: Comes complete with operator’s manual and batteries.
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