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1/8 DIN Temperature or Process Measurement Indicator - Discontinued

DP470 Series

Temperature or Process Measurement Indicator | DP470 Series

Temperature or Process Measurement Indicator

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  • Single- and Six-Input Models (Six T/C inputs or Three RTD inputs)
  • Thermocouple, RTD and Process Measurement Input Models
  • Fully Programmable and Easy to Use
  • Selectable 0.1/1° Resolution
  • Selectable Digital °F/°C Temperature Units
  • 4-Digit 14-Segment Alphanumeric Display
  • RS-232 Communications standard
  • Captures Min and Max Readings
  • Modular Construction
  • Optional Scalable Analog Output boards
  • Optional Dual Alarm Board
  • Free WINDOWS-Based Software, compatible to Windows XP (No PROTOCOL is available)
  • Configure, Program and Download
  • View All Channel Data, Alarm Status and Min/Max Values Simultaneously
  • Log Real-Time Data
  • Create Exportable Data Files
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Starting from May 7th 2018, DP470 Series will be discontinued. As a upgrade substitute, please check out the DPPT Series or DP600A Series Panel Meter for details.

The DP470 Series of single- and six-channel digital temperature and process measurement indicators set a new standard for performance, features, value and reliability. With built-in easy digital programmability, communications and powerful Windows-based software, the DP470 is ideal for monitoring, testing and process control applications. Complete configuration of the instrument can be quickly performed from the front panel, including designating sensor input type, sampling rate, limit settings and resolution. Process and min/max values can be selected for display from the front panel. The DP470 is the first of the new generation of "intelligent" panel-mounted digital temperature and process measurement indicators, offering scanning and datalogging features at a low price. With its built-in functionality, digital communications and powerful PC-based software, the economical DP470 is the instrument of choice for a wide range of monitoring, recording and logging applications. The standard single-input model features easy-to-use front panel configuration and display of temperature or process measurement with either 0.1 or 1 resolution, min/max values and limit conditions.
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Part Number/Desc.
Availability: 1 week
Process measurement input meter with RS-232 communications
Consult Sales  
Dual alarms meter with thermocouple input and RS-232 communications
Consult Sales  
Dual alarms temperature meter with RTD input and RS-232 communications
Consult Sales  
Process measurement input meter with analog voltage output and RS-232 communications
Consult Sales  
Process measurement input meter with analog current output and RS-232 communications
Consult Sales  
Temperature meter with RTD input, analog current output, and RS-232 communications
Consult Sales  
9 FT configuration cable includes: RS-232 cable and power cable pre-wired to a DP470 connector
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25 FT version of DP470-C2-CABLE
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Note: Free software is included with unit. PROTOCOL not available for this series.

Option Descriptions:

(1) 1 select from:
DP470 for Base Meter
DP471 for Meter with dual alarms
DP472 for Six channel input meter
DP473 for Meter with analog voltage output
DP474 for Meter with analog current output

(2) Input Types select from:
T for Thermocouple
V for Process

(3) Communications select from:
C2 for RS-232

(4) Power Options select from:
for 100-240 VAC (Standard)
-12VDC for 8 to 15 Vdc
-24VDC for 20 to 28 Vdc
-24VAC for 20 to 28 Vac
Note: All combinations may not be valid, check spec sheet for valid part numbers.
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