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Eight Channel Alarm Dialers


Eight Channel Alarm Dialers | OMA-VM606

Eight Channel Alarm Dialers

THB65,815.00 OMA-VM606E

  • Monitors Power Status and Up to Eight Switch Closures
    (Dry Contacts)
  • Program Up to Eight 20-Digit Phone Numbers
  • Works with Telephone Pagers
  • Easy-to-Follow Menu Driven Programming Done Over the Phone
  • Wall Mount Enclosure
  • 4-Line LCD Display
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Model OMA-VM606 monitors up to eight switch closures (dry contacts) which allows you to connect a wide variety of sensors such as magnetic door or window switches, thermostats, fluid level switches and motion sensors. The OMA-VM606 allows you to program a “normal” state and a time delay for each dry contact input. A five-second message can be recorded to define each input. An additional local identification message can be recorded to identify the OMA-VM606 dialer. When an input is different from the programmed “normal” state for longer than the time delay, or the power is out for longer than five minutes (default is 5 minutes however this is user selectable) the unit will dial up to eight phone or pager numbers. If contact has not been made after dialing all phone numbers, the OMA-VM606 will wait 20 minutes and begin calling again. This sequence is repeated until contact is made. The integrated voice tells you which input is in alarm and the current status. You can call the unit at any time to hear a status report including power status. All programming is accomplished over the phone following simple voice instructions. When the OMA-VM606 goes into an emergency state it will energize the alarm relay, activate the alarm buzzer and begin making emergency calls. When the unit dials a voice number it will first play the local identification message and the current status of any inputs which caused the emergency state. The unit ceases to be in the emergency state once contact is made with the unit. Contact is made by the user entering a personal identification number (PIN) after receiving a call from the unit, by entering the PIN number when calling in to the unit or by pressing the pushbutton located on the top of the dialer. If the input(s) return to the programmed “normal” states, the unit will also cease to be in the emergency state. If the OMA-VM606 calls an answering machine or voice mail, the warning message will be left and the unit will continue to call. When the OMA-VM606 calls a pager number, it will transmit the local identification number, any inputs which have caused an alarm and the power status.

Number of Inputs: 8
Input Type: Dry contact (5 Vdc, 2 mA source)
Telephone: Standard RJ11 phone jack connection
Telephone Numbers: Stores up to eight callout phone numbers up to 20 digits long
Range of Incoming Rings Before Answer: 1 to 20
Number of Digits of Programmable PIN: 4
Range of Time Delay for Each Input Before Callout: 0 to 999 minutes
Maximum Power Outage Alarm Time Delay: 900 minutes (default is 5 minutes)
Local Identification Message (Unit ID): Record up to an 8-second message that identifies the dialer
Individual Channel Identification Messages: Record up to a 5-second identification message for each input
Operation: Operates with answering machine on the same phone line
Alarm Notification: Alarm buzzer sounds and alarm relay closes if any input(s) go into an alert condition
Alarm Cancellation: Pushbutton on top of the unit silences the alarm and cancels emergency telephone calls
Alarm Relay Output: SPDT (1 A, 24 Vdc)
Alarm Relay Operation: User selectable to be automatically energized during an emergency state (turn off from top button) or to be remotely controlled (turn on or off) via touch tone phone
Alarm Buzzer: 90 dB
Display: Integral LCD display
Power: 120 Vac 50/60 Hz from included wall mount transformer power supply
Battery Backup: 24-hour rechargeable battery backup
Operating Ambient: 0 to 52°C (32 to 125°F)
Electrical Connections: Two pluggable 12-position terminal blocks
Dimensions: 127 H x 191 W x 45 mm D (5.0 x 7.5 x 1.75")
Material: ABS plastic
Weight: 1.4 kg (3 lb)
Ethernet Data Collection (OMA-VM606E Only)
LAN: Ethernet 10Base-T or 100Base-TX (auto-sensing)
Transport Protocol: TCP/IP, UDP
Connector: RJ45
LED Indicators: 10Base-T connection, 100Base-TX connection
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Availability: 2 weeks
Eight channel alarm dialer
Availability: 1 week
Eight channel alarm dialer with ethernet
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Note: Comes complete with operator’s manual and 120 Vac power adaptor.
Ordering Example: (1) OMA-VM606 Eight channel alarm dialer, THB60,940.00

Product Manuals:

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Download OMA-VM606 and OMA-VM606E - 8 Channel Alarm Dialer with Ethernet
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