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RTD-to-Wireless Connector/Converter

UWRTD Series

RTD-to-Wireless Connector/Converter | UWRTD Series

RTD-to-Wireless Connector/Converter

THB13,100.00 UWRTD-2

  • Interfaces Directly With Any 3-wire, 100 Ω, 0.00385 or 0.00392 Curve RTD Sensor
  • Free Software Converts Your PC Into a Multi- Channel Chart Recorder or Data Logger
  • Interface up to 48 Different Wireless Connectors With One Receiver
  • Low Power Operation and Sleep Mode Allows for Long Battery Life
  • Each Wireless Connector Transmits Process Temperature, Ambient Temperature, Signal Strength and Battery Status in Real Time
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The OMEGA RTD-to Wireless Connector/Converter System features stand-alone, compact, battery-powered RTD connectors that transmit their readings back to a host receiver up to 120 m (400') away. Both units can be programmed in the field to accept 0.00385 or 0.00392 curve 3-wire, 100 Ω, Pt RTDs, so they can wirelessly transmit the measured temperature, along with the connector ambient temperature, RF signal strength and battery condition to a remote host, such as the UWTC-REC Series. You can program the UWRTD to transmit your data at rates from once every two seconds to every 2 minutes.

The UWRTD is compatible with the UWTC-REC family of wireless receivers, which can accept signals from up to 48 wireless transmitters, and display them on a PC. Receivers are available with optional display and analog output. An analog output can be used to interface with a process controller, PLC or data acquisition device. Each unit includes free software that converts your PC into a monitor, chart recorder or data logger. Readings can be saved and later printed or exported to a spreadsheet file.

Wireless Receivers
ZW-REC: 127-channel wireless receiver with Ethernet for web-based monitoring
UWTC-REC1: 48-channel wireless receiver with USB
UWTC-REC2: 48-channel wireless receiver with USB and single analog output
UWTC-REC4: 48-channel DIN rail mount wireless receiver with USB and four analog output signals

Input: 100 Ω Pt RTD; 0.00385 or 0.00392 curve; software selectable
   Pt100, 0.00385: -200 to 600°C (-328 to 1112°F)
   Pt100, 0.00392: -100 to 457°C (-148 to 854°F)
Accuracy: ±1°C from 0°C to 400°C; ±2°C below 0°C or above 400°C
Resolution: 1°C (1°F)
Operating Environment: -10 to 70°C (14 to 158°F)
Sensor Connection: Series “T” receptacle, type TA4M; TA4F mating connector included
Transmit Sample Rate: Programmable from 1 sec to 2 min
Radio Frequency (RF) Transceiver Carrier: ISM 2.4 GHz, direct sequence spread spectrum.
RF Output Power:
   UWRTD-2: 10 dBm (10 mW)
Range of RF Link, UWRTD-2:
   Outdoor line of sight: up to 120 m (400')
   Indoor/urban: up to 40 m (130')
RF Data Packet Standard: IEEE 802.15.4, open communication architecture
Computer Interface: USB, for initial programming/set-up (one interface cable included with receiver)
Software (Included Free): Requires Windows® operating system
Battery: One 3.6V lithium, 2.4 Ah capacity (AA size) (included)
Battery Life (Typical): 1.5 year (at 1 sample/min reading rate @ 25 (77°F))
Data Transmitted to Host: measured and ambient temperatures, RF transmit strength and battery condition
Case: ABS plastic
Dimensions: 100 L x 50 W x 25 mm H (without antenna) (4 x 2 x 1")
Weight: 70 g (2.46 oz)
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Part Number/Desc.
Availability: 7 weeks
Wireless RTD connector (extended distance)
Consult Sales  
Wireless RTD connector (Extended distance) - For Japan only
Availability: 4 weeks
Optional directional antenna
(replaces standard antenna)
Availability: 7 weeks
Spare programing cable (included with UWTC-REC receivers)
Availability: 1 week
Additional mating connector
Availability: 7 weeks
Wireless receiver with USB communication
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Note: Because of transmission frequency regulations, The UW-RTD-2 is certified for use in the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, China, Korea, Singapore, and Japan.

Ordering Example: (1) UWRTD-2 Wireless RTD transmitter, 120 m (400 ft) max range, THB13,100.00  plus (1) UWTC-REC1 wireless receiver, with USB communications, THB19,213.47, THB13,100.00 + 19,213.47 = THB32,313.47
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